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Daily Skin Care Regimen for Working Women

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Posted on: January 2, 2018
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Hi beauties! Thank you so much for your support & a BIG thanks to IMBB. In my previous & first article Aarthi requested to post about my daily skin care routine. So here it is for the lovely Aarthi & all other beautiful girls…

Let me introduce myself. Am 28, working & from Kolkata. Next month i.e. November 2010 am getting married, hence now a days am following beauty regimen religiously. As you guys know the weather over here is pretty hot & humid, hence one has to take good care of her skin & hair. As I’m into a 9-5 job, I’ve limited time for following a skin care routine.

Reason behind following this skin care regimen:

  • Combo skin type
  • Occassional pimples/zits
  • Few open pores
  • Dark underarms
  • Dark joints
  • Rough skin surface
  • Tanned hand & feet

Ohooooooooo that’s a whole lotta problems! Haaa

I am a die hard herbal remedy fan but being a working person I do need to depend on the cosmetic products also.

So here’s my 7 days Morning & Night Skin care routine

MORNING-: Cleanse my face with rose water followed by Uptan/ home made pack of Masoor dal (Lentil), peanut & turmeric paste. I apply it all over body & face & wait till the skin feels a little stretchy (around 3-4 minutes will do). Scrub it off slowly with lukewarm water. Rinse properly. I follow it by applying body lotion all over my body. For face I use Biotique Cucumber fresh water & then free Moisturizer.

NIGHT-: After coming back from work, apply Johnson & Johnson baby oil all over my face & remove the makeup with a wet cotton ball. This is followed by several splashes of water on face. Then apply cucumber, carrot & tomato juice on face & wait till it gets dry. It helps to remove skin tan. Wash it off & follow the TM process. After taking bath I apply body lotion & before going to bed apply foot care cream & hand cream.

L-R: Fab India Lemon Intensive Hand cream, Neutrogena Oil- free Moisture SPF 15, Vaseline Cocoa Butter body lotion, Fab India Olive Oil, Jovees Foot care 2 in 1, Almond Oil, Aroma Magic Satin Smooth Bath & Body oil, Vaseline, Vitamin E capsule

MORNING-: Cleanse my face with rose water followed by a body message with a mixture of Olive oil, Almond Oil & Aroma Magic Satin Smooth Bath & Body oil at least for 5-6 minutes. Follow it up with The Masoor dal, peanut & turmeric pack. I have been using this pack for the last one month & this is a miracle pack. It not only removes dead skin but makes the skin smooth; glowing removes sun tan, under arm & joint darkness. I have got several complements from my co-workers, co-passengers (Yes two ladies in bus complemented me for my glowing skin!!) & none other than my would be hubby. So this is my HG Pack. Then I follow it up by TM (skip the body lotion as the oil message keeps the skin hydrated till I come home).

NIGHT: After removing makeup I wash my face with Facia soap & do TM (do not forget to splash water after cleansing). After bath the ritual is as it is on Mondays.

MORNING-: Cleanse my face with rose water followed by a pack made of Banana, Honey, and Olive oil. Apply it all over & wait till gets a little dry, rinse properly & smooth skin with body lotion. Follow the TM process as always.

NIGHT: Once I remove makeup & splashing water I apply a mixture of Honey, Lemon juice & Turmeric paste on face. It helps to enhance complexion. It is then followed by application of TM, Body lotion, Hand & foot cream.

L-R: Biotique Pistachio Pack, Louis Rose Water, Aroma Magic Mineral Glow scrub, Biotique Cucumber fresh water, Johnson’s Baby oil & Facia bar

MORNING-: Cleanse face with rose water followed by Masoor Dal pack. Apply body lotion & follow TM

NIGHT-: Remove makeup, splash water; apply juice mixture of carrot, cucumber & tomato. Wash off. Message skin with olive oil & Vitamin E capsule for 5-7 minutes in circular motion softly. Wait for 5 minutes to get the oil dissolve in your skin. Put a face towel in hot water; squeeze excess water & swipe on face to remove extra oil. Do not apply anything else. Next morning you will wake up with satin smooth skin.

MORNING-: Cleanse my face with rose water. Message body with the mixture of Olive oil, Almond oil & Aroma Magic Satin Smooth Bath & Body oil. Apply a pack made of Sandalwood powder & rose water on face & body, when half dry scrub it off & rinse. Apply Body lotion & TM.

NIGHT-: After removing makeup, splash water & I apply Biotique Pistachio pack on my face & neck. Followed by Toner & Moisturizer. Apply body lotion, hand & foot cream.

MORNING-: Cleanse my face with rose water; apply Masoor dal pack all over my body. Then I follow TM process & apply body lotion.

NIGHT-: Remove makeup. Scrub my face with Aroma Magic Mineral Glow scrub. Follow TM procedure. Apply body lotion, hand & foot cream.

MORNING-: On Sundays I give my face rest. Just the usual CTM procedure. I do my manicure. When bathing I apply a pack of Multani mitti, honey, Vitamin E capsule all over body, when half dry scrub it off & rinse thoroughly. Apply body lotion.

NIGHT-: CTM for face & Body lotion, hand & foot cream for the respective areas.

The following things I do regularly:

Soak feet in luke warm water (add half lemon, olive oil) for 10 minutes & apply a pack made of Multani mitti/fullers earth, Sandalwood powder, Rose water & Olive oil- mix all the items & apply on feet as well on hands.

Hope this helps. In case of any query please feel free to post your comment here in IMBB.

Lastly something to make you laugh….enjoy

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Hi Debasree, Hats off to your patience and interest in taking care of your skin!!!am soooo…lazy :-((


Haha…I was thinking the same after reading the final it pays you know..I used to be such a lazy.. 😀


Rati,,I guess the top part of the cartoon chopped


Nice one Debasree !!
Even I use that Masoor dal pack and too good.Does wonders.

What are those Vitamin E Capsules ? Brand etc. Where to get them from ?
Until now I have seen only TBS capsules.


Thanks Smita,Am using the Evion Vit E capsules.I’vnt tried the TBS one though

Lavanya Narayanan

OMG… What an intensive regime ? you seems to be a very patient person. How are you finding time in the mornings. Your masoor dal pack sounds interesting ….


Thanks Lavanya! Altogether its takes 30 minutes in the morning including clensing,applying pack,bathing etc.

Lavanya Narayanan

Hey how to make the pack ? I mean just have to grind the peanuts and the masoor dal together ? would it be grainy or would grind to a smooth powder ? Kala masoor or that orangish pink masoor ? Is it ok to skip the turmeric ?:-)

I ask a lot of qtns i know … but what to do ??? 🙁


Love your routine…..wish I had the time & patience………kudos to you girl!! I am inspired to try some of these.


Hey Monika..Kudos to you for taking care of home,hubby,two children,blogging & what not..You can try the masoor dal pack..Its simply awesome!!


OMG….did u visit my blog? So sweet of ya 🙂


hi debashree………….
u r married just like me………..plz tell me hw do u find so much of time in mornings to do such an extensive routine………. 🙂

but i liked few points i have made few key notes and will try them……….definitely…

i esp like the masoor dal peanut pack………..plz tel me do u keep dry powder and with what do u mix it with…..milk ,curd,rosewater?????

and hw much do u use aroma magic oil?and

dont u feel vit e cap sticky…..i find it pretty hard to apply on my face…..

debashree i relly liked ur routine//plz do answer my each and every question….. ?:-)


Hi Shilpa..thanks for liking my due to get married on November 2010.So till now I’v the time but after marriage am not

Masoor dal pack: Soak masoor dal & peanut separately in water overnight,paste it with a little water (separetly),make the paste as fine as possible.Add a pinch of turmeric powder (I use raw turmeric paste) & apply after cleaning your face.Leave on for atleast 4 minutes or till you feel a little strechy (apply it when you are for shower)wash off with luke warm water.

I keep a mixture of 2 tablespoon olive oil,2 tablespoon almond oil & 10 drops of Aroma Magic Satin Smooth oil in a bottle (it can be used for 4-5 days). Use it before/after bath but only on your body.

Use VIT E capsule with olive oil & leave for 5 minutes after message.Heat some water,drop a face towel & squeeze excess water,swipe on the face & got to bed..Hope I’v answered all your queries..If you have any other pls let me know.. :-))

Lavanya Narayanan

To add on to the oil part, I too do the same but i also add cod liver oil to it. Leave on the oils for 15 mins , then wipe it off with cotton balls soaked in hot water.Apply night cream and hit bed. If you still feel oily /greasy, you can rinse your face with plain hot water and pat dry. It does really make the skin so soft and also have noticed my pores shrink :-)) . So me happy happy


and lavnya……….u mean u add one capsule of vit e….one capsule of codliver oil and a little olive oil…..thats the mix that u apply to ur face???
i have heard there are e-cod capsules in the market…..they have both vit e and cod liver oil in them have u tried….?
and what night cream are u using?

Lavanya Narayanan

ya rite one capsule each of vit. e and cod liver oil.e-cod ???? no shilpa. Let me check out for that . I use Ponds Age Miracle night cream 🙂


one more query debashree………….
can we refrigerate this face pak of masoor dal if yes fr hw long………..or we have to make a fresh one evry time….?


Arch it’s an orange coloured dal.

Smita T

That is such a detailed post…!! Grreaat tips for all women, why just working.. everyone can follow it..
LOL at the last pic!!!!

Smita T

Congratulations on the wedding…. Post lots of pics and keep us updated on the happenings haan


thanks Smita..I will definately post the pics & makeup breakdown as well. And yes everyone can follow the tips 🙂


You have a very dedicated skin care regimen, Debashree. Fantastic…:yes: :yes:

I love using the mineral glow scrub. It works excellent for my feet as well. 🙂


Yup Its Mineral glow scrub is great for the skin.I have been using Jovees Foot care & found it really good..Will review soon


Hey Debashree…thats a v nice skincare routine you follow and I am sure you will look rocking on ur wedding day :yes: :yes: :yes:

All the best for your upcoming wedding!!!


thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!HD 🙂


Wow! I always feel good when women spend time on themselves other than taking care of their family/job etc.
You go gurl!
I’m inspired I must say.


thanks Naira!! We gals are MULTI TALENTED..hai na!! Hey you have a nice name..BTW what does it mean? ?:-)


Wow Debasree- Thats an amazing skin care routine, have heard ALOT on the powers of Masoor dal in face pack – only tried it once myself :-))

You say you have oily skin with a few pimples – so has this routine helped you reduce breakouts ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-)

And Vit e capsule is awesome for marks n scars and such :yes:

I really wish I was as dedicated as you are to your skin care – :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Thanks Jahnvi..Pimples are very rare for me,reason could be regular CTM procedure,its is THE BEST & simple care you can do for your skin.Masoor dal pack has peanut in it,peanut has wonderful power of enhancing the complexion though it may produce pimples if applied in wrong quantity.If you are using the pack make sure you take the right quantity i.e. 2tablespoon masoor dal:1/2 tablespoon peanut.Yes Vit E caps is very good


Wow. that is a very elaborate skin care routine. Kudos to you for your patience. I’m sure you’ll look beautiful on your wedding day. Congrats on your wedding btw.

I’m tempted to try the masoor dal wala pack. All it requires is for me to get off my ass.

This is a really great post. There’s something in it for everyone.


Thanks Pooja!! Thanks you liked it..


wow…….. thats called commitment to skincare! i cud never do it even as a wud be bride!


Anks..Try something from these…You’ll thanks me…haha lol :-))


Hey thanks a ton for sharing this Debasree 🙂 I am so lazy to follow all these. Ill pick the simplest one out of this and will try it 🙂 Thank you once again 🙂


Thanks to you Aarthi..this article is for you..You already have good skin I guess :-/


Not really Debasree btw how do u use the cucumber water?


I just put some on cotton ball & swipe face & neck


debasree i really loved ur post
it feels so nice to pamper ourselves
i end up buying and stacking my almirah with products
but now i shall shake off the laziness

and i did not know vaseline had cocoa butter lotion too
is it easily available? ?:-)


Yupp Neha its easily available….smells like caramel and sweet-ish kinda!!! I didn’t like the strong fragrance though!!! 😕 but its quite moisturising :yes: :yes:


Yup..they have recently launched it I guess..I got from a departmental store…Smells yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..I felt like licking I used to stack a lot of products but over the years I’v experienced that Herbal remedies are the best 🙂


my god!! u do all these, thats awesome!! :yes: :yes: n a very nice post debasree
gawd!!why am i soooooooo lazy :-(( :-((


Hi Debasree!!!
thats quite a lot of work 🙂
Thanks for sharing :yes: :yes:
and best of luck for ur wedding :-))


:worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: you have SOME patience girl!! i wouldn’t do this to save my life!:P like i am lazy beyond repair!!! keep the good work going!:D and congratulations!:D


OMG..You are so organized…amazing try tooo 😐😐😐😐


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: dont mind her saying stuff.. called me to say she jumped from QutubMinar to Charminar and is in Hyd! wants to meeet me!:P she is a little.. ahem.. tipsy!:P :secret: :liquor: :liquor: :liquor: :beer: :beer: :drink: :drink: :drink: :liquor: :liquor: :liquor: :drink: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :liquor: :liquor: :liquor: :drink: :beer: :beer: :beer: :X-P: :X-P: :X-P: :X-P: :X-P: :X-P: :X-P: :X-P: :X-P: :X-P:


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


nice skin care regimen. i would like to know what is TM process that u mentioned and how do u make the masoor dal pack? do u use raw peanuts and grind it along with masoor dal?


thats quite a regime!!!….u sure have patience!! :yes:


Hi Chandna. TM is Toning & Moisturizing process.

Masoor dal pack: Soak masoor dal & raw peanut separately in water overnight,paste it with a little water (separetly),make the paste as fine as possible.Add a pinch of turmeric powder (I use raw turmeric paste) & apply after cleaning your face.Leave on for atleast 4 minutes or till you feel a little strechy (apply it when you are for shower)wash off with luke warm water.


😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯 you do ALL that.
I kno every1s been askin u a lot of ques but i have another one. ?:-) How do u remeber what to do and on which day girl.I am so absentminded i keep searchin 4 my specs when they are on my nose(true story happened 3-4 times)

U are sure to look gorgeous with such patience :beauty: :beauty: :beauty: :yes: :yes:


Lol…I placed the routine on my dresser…he you must be laughing…😀


hi debasree,
this is my first ever post on IMBB n hats off to all u guys who keep posting
since i have almost the same problems as yours..
I m getting a printout of your routine
n planing to follow it as it is (i have a 3 month old baby, dont knw how much wud i be able to do, but lets hope for the best)
Thanks a n Gud Luck for ur D-day. Nidhi


Hi Debashree,
Congrats in advance for ur wedding!!
Fabulous routine i must say!! What amazes me is that u do not use any body wash of soap at all?? No face washes either? Even after returning from work? Have u gone totally soapless??

another question is u grind the pack daily? awesome!! How do u clean ur face with the rose water plz let me know!! Actually i too wanna dump my face wash but feel that my face cannot be totally clean unless i use soap!! N u mentioned using Facia face bar, is it good?? Do let me know ur hair care regime as well.. plz take care lots of love!! :-))


Its really a lovely skin care routine,thanks a ton Debashree for sharing ur routine with us,Congrats in advance for your wedding.try to keep ur skin glowing always like u do now before marriage n all will keep on giving u compliments.If u do have anything else in future,do share with us.Ya one thing Debashree just tell me that i have oily skin,will this routine suit me n can i use pistachio pack,is it good for oily ones.plz do answer my queries,thanks a lot again.byeeeee,take care. :heart:


Hi Debashree! Congrats! wish u a very happy married life.
take care,with lots of love …..Bhavna. :heart:


I just want to ask u that i have allergy to masoor dal,like whenever i apply masoor dal on my face,my face becomes red n it gives me itching face almost for 30min,what to do?instead of masoor dal,what shall i use?previously i used to scrub my face with masoor dal n rice powder,someone has suggested me that its good natural scrub,but after using when i had this problem,i stop using this,plz do suggest me,what to do?bye……..


Wish I curve seen this before marriage 🙁 inadequate lost halfmy mind taking care of pesky relatives I had complete ignored me.


Hi Debashree
I am also from Kolkata but presently living in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. i am very impressed with you skin care tips. But for me who is living in a very hot and dry weather, will you suggest the same skin care routine? or there will be some change according to the weather? the skin problems that you have written at the beginning are the same for me too.
As your skin care routine , can you suggest the routine for hair care also?


An indeed a great routine 🙂 Gotta view the blog recently.
Hey i am getting married in another 15 days.. so could you help me on few tips to really look glowing and beautiful on my D day!!…


hei Debasree, wots dis TM process 🙁


Thanx a lot for this Skin Care Regimen….. 🙂

Neha Chaudhary

whoa..dat sounds a lil tedious..hats off to u dat u manage it before goin to work and coming bak…hw long does it take neway??morning and evening?? i’d love to give it a try if its nt too time consuming or cumbersome…


Great care system. And I’m terribly lazy to use folk remedies for treatment. More on that I was missing – a washing face with oatmeal.


great skin care routine i must say.. you surely have a great flawless skin. please guide me too. i had occassional pimple , but this year due to some reason which i dont know, i had a large number of breakouts on my is cured but has left marks on my skin.. i am very much depressed with this. i have occassional pimples now and then..

please suggest me how to get rid of this ugly marks as soon as possible. and also suggest me a good moisturiser as my my skin is both oily and sensitive.

one thing i must say that this masoor dal pack is great.

i hope you will solve my problem too as you have been guiding others in a great manner.


i have dark circle which is very dark as compared to my other skin ..i am fair so it looks very dark..plz plz plz tel me powerful home remedy or any cream or oil or supplement…:(


I tried following this routine…I have noticed a considerable and positive change in my skin ..Although I have not tried it to the T ..I still want to thank you for writing this article ..


Hi Debashree,
Congrats in advance for ur wedding!!!!
the care which you are following on daily basis is very natural and gud,
even i too want to follow the same.
But a small problem is that, due to change of place & water my skin was little bit disturbed, with some pimples (now pimples gone scares r remained) , reduced my skin tone & hair fall.
is there a any probable solution for these problem, as my parents are in process of arranging matches for me. last but not least i have a sensitive skin.


So nice and detail schedule.can pl.tell me wat is ur skin type,i have combination skin and if i use that pack on face is it fine.

Ankita Singh

Hey Debasree,
I am very impressed with ur all tips…. watever u do it now or not but its very awesome to know all these tips. I must say u r very devotive to ur skin. Friends, If u will take care of ur skin den ur skin will surely take care of yours also. . . Love to all !
Its an awesome website…

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