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Posted on: January 11, 2018
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Your baby can be pretty demanding, requiring constant attention and needing you for everything–including a little spa time. Your baby may still be small, but even from an early age, his skin needs your care. Taking care of his soft skin will keep him healthy and comfortable.

What You Do

Skin care should be a regular part of your routine. Each time you need to change your baby’s diaper, numerous times per day, you will have an opportunity care for her skin. Carefully remove all urine, feces and any other particles on her bottom. Keep her skin dry to avoid rashes. Watch her as she eats and remove any dribble that falls down her chin, cheeks and ears. Don’t let milk linger and cause a rash. Bath time is a great time to care for her skin, giving you an opportunity to keep her skin healthy and check for any problems.

What You Need

Keep baby powder and cream with you when you change a diaper. You need a clean tub, bath, sink or bucket designed for bathing infants. A baby soap or shampoo is all you need to wash away dirt and grime. Keep a washcloth on hand to sponge down your baby, especially useful before your baby loses his umbilical cord. A soft towel with a little hood will keep your baby warm during a bath, especially if it takes you a while in the beginning, and will dry him after, so keep a few ready for each bath. A partner, friend or family member may be your most important tool, since babies can be slippery and can’t be left alone.

How Often

Change your baby’s diaper after each fecal movement or urination. Don’t allow her to sit in her dirty diaper for too long, since this can cause rashes and infections. Wipe her thoroughly with each change. Wash her in a sponge or baby bath every two to three days. Cover your baby’s skin every time you go out in the sun.

Don’t Worry

A baby’s skin can be rather sensitive. In his first few weeks of life, you may see various changes such as birth marks, dandruff and baby acne. All these changes are normal. His skin may flake a bit or be a little hairy. Talk with your doctor about any questions or concerns you have, but relax knowing that your baby’s skin is just getting used to his new environment.

Be Happy

Bath time can be a bonding experience for you and your baby. She may hate it the first few times, but keep trying and keep her warm. She may even come to love it. Enjoy bath time as a quiet opportunity to talk and laugh. You can’t leave the room anyway, so you should embrace this time as a chance to bond.

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