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10 Effective Ways to Use Oils in your Skin Care Routine

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Posted on: January 27, 2018

Today, I will talk about oils and their skin care uses. Oils, as you all know, are the best natural sources for skin care. They are packed with vitamins and nutrients which are essential for our skin. Remember, even babies are massaged with oils to strengthen their bone and muscles. The good thing about oils is that it can be easily customised for your skin type. One can choose a variety of oils for their skin type but, you should use cold pressed oils without any additives.

Read on to know about the Effective Ways to Use Oils in your Skin Care Routine.

Oils to be Used for Different Skin Types:

  • Dry skin: Olive oil, Sweet almond oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil.
  • Sensitive skin: Olive oil, Apricot kernel oil.
  • Normal skin: Any oil which you prefer.
  • Oily and acne prone: Grape seed oil, Hemp seed oil and Jojoba oil.
  • Note: Some people are sensitive to oils. If the oil doesn’t suit your skin type, you may get an itchy and irritated skin. It is advisable to do a patch test before using any of these oils on your skin.

    Use oil which suits your skin type. You can use any oil or a combination of oils. Massage the oil on your face and neck and wipe it off with a washcloth soaked in warm water. You can also use a tissue instead of a washcloth. This can be used as a makeup remover as it will remove the stubborn mascara as well as the waterproof makeup easily.

    Jojoba oil is the closest oil to our sebum so it is the best oil to tone your skin. So, it acts a natural skin conditioner.
    It helps in controlling the oil secretion from your face and keeps pimples at bay.It also reduces the effects of sunburns on your skin. The minerals and vitamins present in the oil provide nourishment and a healthy glow to your skin.

    Mix your favourite carrier oil with few drops of essential oil and your facial serum is ready. Make sure that you choose the essential oil which targets your specific skin problem.

    Mix oil with aloe vera gel in a 1:1 ratio for using it as a face moisturiser. It hydrates your skin really well and nourishes your skin during winters.

    Do you suffer from dry and flaky skin? Massage the oils onto your skin for 10 about minutes, before you take a bath. After taking bath apply a body lotion to moisturise your skin. You will see a drastic transformation in your skin after using this method.

    Just take a few drops of oil and massage it onto your eye contour area. Remove the excess oil by blotting it with a tissue. This is a good way to keep dark circles and wrinkles at bay as it moisturises the thin skin around your eyes.

    I am sure many of us use oils as a body lotion. This is a natural body lotion which makes your skin soft, supple and glowing. Also, your skin stays hydrated throughout the day.

    Apply oils, every night to your nails and cuticles and you will wake up with shiny nails and smooth cuticles. These oils strengthen your nail bed and cuticles really well, thus, promoting nail growth.

    9. As a Moisturiser for Hands, Elbows and Knees:

    Massage oils onto your hands, elbow and knees at night before bedtime. This will not only make them smooth but, will also reduce the pigmentation. People with dark elbows and knees can use this method to get rid of the darkness.

    Use a suitable oil mixed with some vitamin E oil and use this mixture as a night cream. This will smoothen out any wrinkles and fine lines on your skin. It will also tighten and brighten your skin. You can mix the same with your night cream for added benefits.

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