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Eucalyptus Oil: Your Natural Solution To Skin Care and Many More Benefits

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Posted on: January 29, 2018
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Eucalyptus is a word that most of us may have heard in passing, some of us may even remember it as a tree or know about its oil. But what puts eucalyptus oil in the category of essential oils? What are the benefits of using this odd named oil? Like many of the other essential oils, there’s more to this oil than what is on the surface.

This oil is extracted from the leaves of a eucalyptus tree and has been since known as eucalyptus essential oil, and just like its name it is anything but ordinary. The oil brings with it multiple uses and benefits that you may not have even associated with it. Be it to fight bacteria, body odors or even its medicinal uses, this distinctive smelling colorless oil may be what you have needed all your life.

A Brief History:

Eucalyptus was popular among aboriginal communities in Australia, where for hundreds of years the leaves from tall eucalyptus trees were used to heal wounds, but it didn’t end there. Eucalyptus has been used by humans for ages, whether it has been documented or not, but the first popular use of the eucalyptus oil began during the Victorian era.

Extracted from the dry leaves of eucalyptus trees via steam distillation, eucalyptus is more than just a remedy for bad wounds. Here’s a fun fact; in the late 1850s, once commercial production of eucalyptus oil began in Victoria, the oil was converted to gas and used to light up the town, be it houses or hotels or shops. Not only was this amazing, it was a great alternative to using coal. So there’s no question of the diversity of uses this ancient oil has.

As of now, 75% of all the eucalyptus oil produced comes from China, while the remaining 25% comes from a combination of countries including Australia, Portugal, Spain, Chile, Swaziland, South Africa and Brazil. Since then, the United States has also started to produce fine varieties of eucalyptus oil. We sourced a great example, which you can find here.

There are so many benefits to using this oil!

Let us run down some of the many ways that eucalyptus oil can benefit you and your body:

  • Great For Maintaining Skin Health

Eucalyptus oil is great for maintaining a clean body. Try mixing some of the oil with bath salts, not only will your skin feel much fresher, the oil will help clean away all the day’s dirt. If you seem to have some sort of a rash on your skin, and you don’t know how to get rid of it, just apply some eucalyptus onto the affected part. It not only cleans your skin, the oil is also used to fight away skin infections, thus taking care of both the appearance and well-being of your skin.

Furthermore, eucalyptus oil promotes a healthy scalp too. If you are facing issues such as an irritable scalp or hair loss, rubbing in a little eucalyptus oil and then rinsing your scalp can not only strengthen your hair follicles and get rid of that itchy feeling, it’ll make your hair feel and look fresher and stronger. It keeps your follicles stimulated and keeps the blood circulating properly; it adds thickness to your hair and it’ll make your hair smell better. It is also widely known as a remedy to get rid of any lice on your head.

The ideal way to use the oil is to apply diluted eucalyptus oil onto your hair and scalp an hour before taking a shower, for optimum results.

  • Has Antiseptic Characteristics

We’ve already mentioned earlier how the indigenous people of Australia used eucalyptus oil for helping wounds recover. It is due to the antiseptic characteristics that this oil possesses, which make it great for treating any cuts or blisters (especially papercuts). It’s fairly easy to apply; you can just mix it with vinegar and apply it to the places required.

There’s even a popular myth from back in the day, about an English settler in Australia who had severely wounded his thumb with an axe. At that point in time, his father, someone who had knowledge of aboriginal remedies, suggested to stitch up the thumb and wrap it up with eucalyptus leaves. This was a popular remedy within the aboriginal communities, known as ‘kino’, which healed the Englishman’s wound and prevented any sort of infection from happening.

This was the ‘word of mouth’ story back in the day, which led to increased interest from Victorian’s pharmacists and eventually led to the commercial manufacturing of eucalyptus essential oil.

  • Can Relieve Your Muscles

If you’re having any sort of body pain, or aching after some heavy activity, eucalyptus oils are perfect for providing your muscles the relief they need. All you need to do is mix the oil with some coconut oil and massage it onto your body; it will help your muscles calm down and relax. If that’s not enough relaxing for you, then, you could add a few drops of eucalyptus oil into your bath along with some whole milk. The beautiful fragrances from the oil are known to relax all your senses so you can really chill out. You could have the best massage of your life, all you need is a bit of this wonder essential oil, and you’re good to go!

  • Takes Care of Dental Hygiene and Bad Breath!

Facing problems with bad breath? Because of the minty essence that eucalyptus oil exudes, it’s perfect to control dental odors and give you fresh smelling breath. It can help treat your cavities and because of its antibacterial characteristics it can fight away germs, leaving your mouth both clean and fresh. This is definitely a better alternative to all the chemical filled, horrible tasting mouth fresheners out there, which is why you should always go for the natural remedy. Also, if you’re getting a root canal, guess what the products used for the root canal fillings contain? If you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s eucalyptus oil. Ask your dentist on the next visit maybe!

  • Helps Keep Your Internal System Clean

Because of eucalyptus oil’s bacteria fighting characteristics, it’s a great oil to get rid of all types of germs that may be residing in your intestines. Just consume a little bit of the oil and let the oil show all the germs and parasites the way out of your intestines!

  • Helps Relieve Breathing Problems and Influenza

A lot of us may have breathing problems such as asthma, in which case we resort to using products like Vicks which we either inhale from boiling water or by rubbing it on our chest and throat. Eucalyptus oil is the non-commercial alternative to this. If you rub a little eucalyptus oil on your body, or you could just inhale the aroma, you will definitely start feeling relief which will help you breathe easier. These benefits aren’t exclusive to just relieving asthma but also helps in relieving bronchitis or any such issues such as flus where your insides feel congested, or you’re having chronic coughing.

If you’ve caught a cold, just boil the eucalyptus oil in water and inhale the steam. This will help clear out your respiratory system, open up your nostrils, clear out your airways and make you feel a lot better immediately. Plus, it smells great!

Did you know you could also make green tea with eucalyptus oil that’s great for treating a cold?
It’s fairly easy to make green tea with eucalyptus oil. All you need to do is add a green tea bad in boiling water while adding dried eucalyptus leaves and a few drops of the oil, and you’re good to go in 15 minutes. You can add sugar or honey for taste, and this tea is great for reducing any internal congestions and reducing those chronic coughs that you’ve been having.

Now, you can sit back and relax in your living with your cup of green tea with eucalyptus oil added to it. But don’t be quick to assume that eucalyptus is only beneficial to your body internally. You can also use it to enhance your surroundings to create a more relaxed and stress free environment that is beneficial to your general well-being, which we’ll discuss below:

  • Gives You the Perfect Aroma Therapeutic Experience

Taking care of your body is as important as your surroundings. Sometimes you need to get away from all the hectic offerings that life brings and just chill out. In such cases, aromatherapy is a great way to keep you in high spirits.

Eucalyptus oil is perfect to set a positive tone for your surroundings; you can diffuse the oil into the air, apply it onto your body or inhale it straight from the bottle. The fragrance released from the oil brings with it multiple benefits. It will clear your mind up and help you relax, increase your concentration while also keeping you active and stress free. Sounds like a great way to spend some free time!

  • Repels Mosquitoes

If you want to maintain a relaxing environment around you, mood boosting fragrances just don’t cut it when you have insects flying around the room. But there’s nothing to worry about, the smell of eucalyptus oil makes it a natural and strong mosquito repellant that’ll keep all those nasty vermin at bay while you enjoy their absence.

There’s two ways you can use the eucalyptus oil. You can mix the oil with skin cream and apply it on yourself, or you can use it via a vaporizer to spray it around the mosquito infested area. In a few moments after application, you’ll notice all the mosquitoes escaping to save their lives.

This is what makes such essential oils special, their multiple uses. So now, not only the space you live in can smell better, it can be mosquito free. This definitely makes eucalyptus oil something worth investing in for your personal health and home use.

  • Home Uses

The advantage of essential oils like eucalyptus oils are that there’s always more than one function to them, and the same applies to home uses too. Apart from repelling mosquitoes and making your house smell great, it can also help you with day to day house tasks. Got dirty carpets? Mix some eucalyptus oil with baking soda and apply it on your carpet. It will not only clean up all the dirt and germs, it’ll take away any remaining bad odors and give your carpet that ‘brand new feel’. Got a smelly trash can? Drop a little bit of eucalyptus oil in there and let the bad odors disappear! If it’s your bathroom that’s got the bad smell, soak up a cotton ball with eucalyptus oil and place it around your bathroom and the let the oils fresh fragrance fill up the room.

  • Blends

Eucalyptus oil blends well a variety of essential oils including Spearmint Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil and Lemongrass Essential Oil!

The list of benefits that this oil is endless, but a lot of people unfamiliar to this great essential oil may ask:

What’s so special about eucalyptus oil?

There are a lot of essential oils out there, and eucalyptus oil is one of them. A lot of us know this oil exists but often we don’t take the time to investigate how such essential oils can bring positivity and good health to our life. Usually, when looking for solutions to health problems, we depend on medicines/drugs/remedies from pharmaceutical companies that give you artificial products to provide you with relief. Instead we should opt for looking into healthier and organic medicines and remedies that can be obtained directly from nature. Natural solutions are usually always better than the artificial counterparts and are less likely to induce any side effects unlike pharmaceutical drugs.

The various uses of eucalyptus essential oil mentioned here represent only a fraction of the many more ways it can be used in. It is very important for us to research and always find the organic elements in our surroundings and use them to maintain good physical and mental health. This leaf along with the oil that comes from it is something we should all value, promote and be aware of. Knowing about these essential oils will allow us to incorporate and include it more in our everyday lives to keep ourselves healthy and stress free naturally.


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