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Posted on: January 29, 2018
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  • @karllagerfeld is almost as synonymous with @chanelofficial as Coco Chanel herself at this point, but there was a time when the now legendary designer was nervously working on his first Chanel collection, Couture for fall 1983. Here’s a look at what WWD thought of the collection at the time. Read the full republished review on #wwdarchives #wwddecades

  • Quintessential Eighties dressing: Bright colors, over-the-top silhouettes and an undeniable attitude like this look on @perryellis’ spring 1980 runway. When it comes to this bold decade, more was definitely more. Take a trip down memory lane with more photos on #wwdfashion #wwddecades (📷: Dustin Pittman)

  • “Buy less, choose well, make it last,” said @viviennewestwood of her decision to replace her coed London runway show with a digital representation. The autumn 2018 collection, which has been showing in London for the past few seasons, will be presented using images and a short film and e-mailed to press buyers on Monday, January 8 at 2 PM during the London men’s collections. The move comes as no surprise, as the designer is a longtime environmental campaigner. #wwdfashion (📷: @kukukuba)

  • Like just about everything else in the ’80s, fashion was as big as the high-rolling times –– wide shoulders, plenty of pouf and “Working Girl”-worthy hair. See highlights from this decade – like the strong shoulders and shapes seen here on @muglerofficial’s fall runway in 1983 – on #wwddecades #wwdarchives

  • Landmark French concept store @colette is closing its doors today after 20 years. Leading up the its closure, Colette launched a series of monthlong takeovers, beginning with @balenciaga and ending with @ysl. Pictured here is @sarahandelman – creative director, purchasing manager and public face of the boutique – and her mom Colette Roussaux, the founder. #wwdfashion #wwdnews (📷: @zefashioninsider)

  • @prada unveiled a retail project in Macau’s Galaxy shopping mall called “Prada Line.” The pop-up, which runs until January 14, re-creates an illuminated train platform reminiscent of high-speed railway train sets of the ’30s to ‘50s. The imaginary station includes a coach section, which houses the products’ main display space –– including the Prada Cahier bag reinterpreted in three new styles. #wwdfashion

  • The Zsa Zsa Gabor Estate is set to auction pieces this spring following her passing last year at age 99. The auction will offer pieces from @hermes, @dior and @louisvuitton, and will also include furniture, paintings and silver from the late actresses’ Los Angeles home. Bidding will start at just $1 on April 14. Read more about the over-the-top pieces that will be auctioned off at #wwdeye

  • @travisscott performed at @colette’s last official event, as the iconic Parisian concept store is shuttering tomorrow. @YSL cohosted the party to celebrate the release of a limited-edition vinyl created in collaboration with the rapper. Scott said it was his idea to “pick tracks that mention Saint Laurent or songs with personal meaning to us.” #wwdeye (📷: @zefashioninsider)

  • “In truth, looking back isn’t a fashion thing. It’s a human thing….The key is not whether designers look back — how can they not? — but what they do with the material thus mined. Do they use it to mimic, inform, uplift, undo?” Bridget Foley writes about how styles of the past influence the runways of today. Pictured here is a model at @acnestudios’ spring 2018 #pfw show, where ’70s influences, like tk, are clear. #wwdfashion #wwddecades (📷: @giovanni_giannoni_photo)

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