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Lexli Skin Care: Pure Aloe Simple Truth

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Posted on: February 2, 2018

Have you ever had a sunburn and taken aloe directly from the plant and applied it on the burn? It instantly soothes and takes the sting out. It’s amazing how fast your skin heals. We have Aloe plants in our home and office just for this reason. Aloe helps the body heal without using artificial chemicals. In 1994, Dr. Abdullah started researching how he could harness the beneficial properties of Aloe and put it in a skincare, this is how Lexli was born.

Now fast forward a to 2017 and Lexli has a full line of skin care for nearly every need. Perfect for anyone to use no matter what their skin concern is, Lexli probably has a formula to help.

Lexli Acne Kit Twice-Daily Acne System

For anyone suffering with acne from tweens to adults, Lexli Acne Kit can help.

Products in the Lexli Acne Kit include:

Acne Cleanser: Removes dirt, debris, acne-causing bacteria and excess oil (sebum) from the skin’s surface while deep cleaning the pores.
Clarifying Lotion: Clears breakouts and eliminates skin congestion. May be used as an all-over acne treatment for moderate-to-severe acne and as a spot treatment for the occasional blemish.
AloeGlyC®: A daily exfoliator that prevents clogged pores, helps to regulate sebum levels, and improves skin texture.
Acne Moisturizer with Sunblock: Hydrates the skin and kills the bacteria that causes acne. Added sunblock protects the skin from UV damage

These four products when used together can help reduce your acne. It’ll clear up breakouts for those special occasions. The goal is to help minimize acne breakouts and improve the overall appearance of your skin without drying out your skin.

Lexli At-Home Facial Holiday Kit

If you’re looking for a gift idea for someone that likes to use natural products then Lexli has you covered. They created a special at-home facial kit just for the holidays.

The Lexli At-Home Facial Kit includes the key aloe vera skin care products used by estheticians to perform the Lexli basic facial in their salon or spa, including:

Cleansing Lotion (2 oz) – This gentle, ph-balanced facial cleansing lotion effectively lifts dirt, excess oil and makeup from the skin’s surface, leaving it feeling softer and more moisturized. It sets the stage for the facial steps to follow.
Tone & Balance (2 oz) – At its heart, Tone & Balance is a hydrating facial toner that is used to remove last traces of dirt, oil and makeup from the skin when cleansing and to remove product between facial steps. But its uses don’t stop there. This versatile aloe-rich product can be used to nurture the skin throughout the day, set makeup, soothe skin after shaving, ease the pain of sunburn, and more. However you choose to use Tone & Balance, its high concentration of skin-soothing ingredients will leave your skin feeling softer and more comfortable.
Lightening Lift (4 oz) – The main attraction in the At-Home Facial Kit, Lightening Lift is the aloe vera face mask with the power to transform your skin. Following just a single use, skin is left with looking temporarily firmer, making it perfect for use before an important event. With consistent use, Lightening Lift improves skin tone and reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, improves skin texture and more.
Night Moisturizer (1.6 oz) – Night Moisturizer is a thick, luxurious cream that was originally formulated for nighttime use but performs just as well during the daytime. Rich in emollients and humectants, Night Moisturizer effectively locks in moisture to leave skin feeling hydrated and smoother. It’s the perfect finale in the At-Home Facial.

Either of these kits would make wonderful holiday gifts this season or even stocking stuffer ideas.

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