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Posted on: February 5, 2018
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What it is: A triple-performing,
overnight retinol treatment
that helps increase cellular
turnover, brighten skin
and provide antioxidant
protection, all while
soothing and calming skin.

What it’s designed to do: Treat/prevent
boost cellular turnover, provide antioxidant

What it’s for: Hyperpigmentation,
including photodamaged

Key ingredients: Encapsulated retinol,
Lumixyl peptide,
PCX technology

What it is: A daily drink
to boost your skin’s natural
production of collagen,
hyaluronic acid and elastin
for younger, more radiant,
smooth and hydrated skin.

What it’s designed to do: Boost skin’s
radiance and clarity

What it’s good for: Better-looking skin

Key ingredient: Hydrolysed marine
collagen peptides

What it is: A skin care
system backed by technology
and discovered by scientists
that addresses visible signs
of aging on a global scale. 

What makes it
It’s created with
Age-Repair Defensins, the
brand’s patent-pending
ingredient that has been
named “one of the biggest
breakthroughs in skin care.”

We bet you didn’t
Defensin peptides
found in the trio can wake
up dormant stem cells to
create new, healthy skin and
turn back the clock naturally. 

What the editors
“The answer to aging
is here. When used dilligently,
standout results can finally be
achieved at home.”

What it is: A gentle skin
exfoliator that delivers a
multi-action serum into skin
via microneedling technology
to minimize large pores,
fine lines and dark spots.

What it’s designed to do: Brighten
and tighten skin

What it’s good for: Dull skin

Key features: Microneedle device
and serum in one; safe
for all skin types; can
be used with other
skin care products

What it is: A cream
that helps to restore skin’s
defense against the effects
of aging while improving its
overall appearance for a
firmer, more youthful look.

What it’s designed to do: Rejuvenate skin

What it’s good for: Anti-aging

Key ingredients: Cellular Life Complex,
Immune Complex,
vitamin C

What it is: With six active
proteins and peptides, this
powerful serum targets and
helps to repair visible fine
lines, deep wrinkles, uneven
skin tone and sun damage. 

What it’s designed to do: Even skin tone,
reverse sun damage,
deliver hydration and
long-term repair

Who it’s good for: All skin types in
need of regeneration

Key ingredients: Cell Protection
Protein, Kollaren,
Easyliance, vitamins

What it is: This delicate,
yet powerful anti-aging lip
treatment helps reduce and
prevent the appearance of
vertical lines, as its deeply
hydrating formula smooths,
softens and plumps.

What it’s designed to do: Reduce lip lines

Who it’s good for: Women from age 25
onward, when collagen
and estrogen levels peak

Key ingredients: Resveratrol, soy,
grapeseed, red clover

What it is: A powerful
and easy-to-use three-piece
treatment system designed to
tackle skin pigmentation and
photo-damage on the face.

What makes it
The revolutionary
foam technology delivers
highly concentrated levels
of ingredients as the formula
hydrates the skin and applies
better than lotions for deeper
absorption into the skin. 

We bet you didn’t
Foam technology
is patient-preferred when
compared to creams, lotions
and gels, and does not
interfere with makeup

What the editors
“All of the treatment
products are foam—even the
retinol—which feels soothing
when skin needs a break
from harsh ingredients.” 

What it is: An anti-aging
neck cream formulated to
help reverse signs of aging in
the neck and décolleté area
for skin that’s firmer, more
lifted and younger-looking.

What it’s designed to do: Reverse visible
signs of aging in the
neck and décolleté

What it’s good for: All skin types

Key ingredients: NeoGlucosamine,
NeoCitriate, Pro-Amino
Acid, apple stem cell

What it is: An advanced,
peptide-rich formula that
works to hydrate skin and
help reduce the appearance
of fine lines and wrinkles.

What it’s designed to do: Maintain
healthy-looking skin
and battle signs of aging

What it’s good for: All skin types

Key ingredients: Peptide complex,
botanical squalane,
hyaluronic acid,
vitamins A, C and E 

What it is: A revolutionary
anti-aging serum clinically
tested to reduce and change
the type and aspect of
wrinkles that add years
to your appearance.

What it’s designed to do: Help people
fight signs of aging,
including fine lines
and wrinkles, with
just one product

Who it’s good for: All skin types

Key ingredients: Fruit
stem cells, palmitoyl
tripeptide-3, resveratrol,
antioxidant blend 

What it is: A next-generation
treatment specifically
formulated to address the
unique challenges of the
delicate skin on the neck
and décolleté.

What it’s designed to do: Improve
firmness and lessen
crepiness and redness 

Who it’s good for: Those with age- or
sun-related damage on
their neck and décolleté

Key ingredients: TriHex Technology,
niacinamide, phytoene,
phytofluene, oleuropein

By NewBeauty Editors |

Let’s face it: There are a ton of benefits that come with growing older, but few would say they prefer aging skin to the plump, glowing, healthy complexions of their youth. Luckily, this downside of aging can be easily counteracted. Whether you’re looking to improve firmness, lessen redness, increase collagen or reduce lines, these 12 products will help you achieve your best skin this year.


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