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Best Skin Care Tips 2017 How To Get Better Skin Advice

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Posted on: February 9, 2018
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2017 had its share of ups and downs. But on the positive side, we learned 12 awesome new skincare tips and tricks. Settle in and read on about the epic tools and treatments that will help you put your best face forward.

2. One of the greatest tools for glowing, vibrant skin is literally right in the palms of your hands: your fingers.

Facial massage is the art of stimulating facial muscles to bring oxygen to the area, which brings more blood flow to the face. That increased blood flow is the key to everything: glowing and vibrant skin, reduction of the appearance of fine lines, exfoliated skin, accelerated healing, released muscle tension, lymphatic drainage—the benefits are endless. Read on for how you can do it at home, with This Is the Greatest (and Cheapest!) Thing You Can Do For Your Face.

3. Did you know the same thing you take to protect your gut—probiotics—can also be applied topically to protect your skin?

“Probiotics protect the skin’s microbiome so you glow—naturally,” says Jenefer Palmer, founder of OSEA.  “They provide your skin with healthy flora to help balance blemishes and redness. Even better, probiotics improve absorption of the active ingredients in products to nourish your skin.” Read on for our probiotic recommendations with Why You Need Probiotics in Your Skincare Routine.

Icing your skin is one of the most effective (and cheapest!) way to de-puff your face. It effectively promotes circulation and gives an amazing glow. But it’s no new revolution: Joan Crawford (and in modern day, Kate Moss) was known to dunk her face in an ice water bath every morning for taut skin. Read all the tips for icing and more at-home tricks with DIY Face Masks, Straight From Your Kitchen.

“Just taking away that one word, that one small change, has made such such a huge impact, in that it has gotten so many people talking,” says Allure Editor-in-Chief, Michelle Lee. Read Anti-Aging Is So Over—Here’s Why to hear more.

“Every blemish has a cycle to how it wants to heal itself and what it wants to do,” says Renee Rouleau. “And the mistake people make is ‘Oh, I have a blemish? Let me just kill it and dry it.’ Well, that’s the worst thing you do.” Read our step-by-step guide to zits with Apparently, We’ve All Been Popping Our Zits Wrong.

9. Have you been using one of 2017’s biggest trends: ?

Product cocktailing is the art of blending two or more products to amp up the beauty benefits, and streamline your beauty routine by combining steps. This can be done by combining similar products, or adding one product to a different type of product. Read How Product Cocktailing Can Transform Your Beauty Regimen to see how to be a skin scientist at home.

12. A $6 gadget changed our skincare routine.

A tiny tool that looks partly like a tiny salad spinner, or a strange coffee press, or even a mini air pump? Well, it’s actually a Korean beauty tool that whips your cleanser into a light foam. And yes, you’re going to love it. Read The $6 Skincare Gadget That’s Going to Save You a Ton of Money to read about all it’s unexpected skincare benefits.


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