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Downtown ‘Beauty Bar’ offers one-on-one skin care services

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Posted on: February 9, 2018
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In the months since opening, a local downtown salon is working to bring customized skin care in a private setting to its customers.

Cassandra Thompson opened Beauty Bar Downtown, located at 114 S. Buckeye St., in August to help fill what she saw as a need in Kokomo – the need for one-on-one service and skin care specific to each customer’s needs.

“It’s really gratifying being able to help someone,” said Thompson, referencing her clients who come to her for facials, massages, waxes and detailed work like eyebrow shaping and tinting and eyelash extensions.

Thompson said she mixes her own products for specific customers – products that cater to their skin type, which she figures out through a skin analysis. There are countless ingredients that can go into skin care products, but she said she likes to only use those that are necessary, rather than loading products with preservatives.

Products are made to treat acne, fine lines or other specific blemishes the customer wants addressed.

“I don’t feel like there should be a one-fits-all, because everybody’s skin is different,” Thompson said.

“I don’t think that a lot of people realize how relaxing and rewarding a facial is … they come in for their first facial, and they’re like ‘I didn’t expect that,’” she said, adding it’s the highest compliment when a customer falls asleep. But it can be kind of weird to have to wake them back up again.

Thompson said she strives to keep the customer’s privacy by appointments only – that way there won’t be a waiting room full of people just sitting outside, in the building that was once an office.

It didn’t take much to convert the space over to a salon, Thompson said. Mainly, it was a change in décor to create a more appropriate, relaxing vibe. Months back, when she was first looking for a spot to open shop, the location was sitting there waiting. Which worked out pretty well, considering Thompson especially wanted to do business downtown.

“I love it,” she said. “It just seems really tight knit … everyone kind of helps each other.”

With this being her first business venture, Thompson said she’s learned a lot. It was a struggle getting started, as she learned the ropes of running a business and to build up her clientele. It’s an industry that’s best served by good word-of-mouth recommendations. That’s a hurdle she’s still working on, as she works to draw more people into the spot.

Beauty Bar Downtown is on Facebook and can be reached at 765-434-0416.


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