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What Order Should I Apply Skin Care and Makeup?

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Posted on: February 9, 2018
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You’ve Been Applying Your Skin Care and Makeup in the Wrong Order

It seems like there’s a new beauty invention to add to our routine every week (micellar water, lip primer, what?). And with all those bottles and tubes lining the vanity, we get a little confused about which product goes when. The sequence in which you should apply your skin care and makeup in the morning (or evening) is very important. The right layering technique will ensure you get the maximum efficacy of each product, but it’s mostly intuitive. For example, sunscreen should go on after moisturizer for the best protection, and apply eye shadow ahead of foundation so any fallout won’t smudge on your face. But when you start inserting facial oils and contouring powders into the mix, it’s enough to make a woman’s head spin! Don’t worry; we’re here to save you from these easy-to-make beauty mistakes. Keep reading to get everything in order from skin care to cosmetics for your most flawless face.


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