6 ways to slow down hair loss

by beauty journalist

Whether you’ve noticed more hair in the plughole or less at your temples, most men react to thinning hair in the same way: panic, then curses directed at their parents. But neither is going to bring back what’s gone, or keep hold of what hasn’t. In fact, by freaking out, you could make things worse. “Stress can cause hair loss and hair loss then causes more stress,” says trichologist Lilly Dillon, director of The Barber Agency.

So you can maintain maximum coverage, we’ve broken down every tactic to help you win the war against thinning hair.

Get a head start

Hair thins for two reasons – your genes or your environment. The former is far more common and tends to materialise in your early 20s as your body becomes sensitive to male sex hormones that cause the hair follicles to close up. No follicle, no hair. It can’t be reversed, but it can be paused, which is why the earlier you spot the issue, the more of your thatch you can hold onto.

“It’s a toss of the genetic dice,” says Dillon. “Have a look at immediate family members – mother, father and both sets of grandparents.” If any show signs of baldness, particularly in the same spots you suspect you’re experiencing, then they could have passed down thinning genes. Which means it’s time to take action.

Find an ally

Though most hair thinning is genetic, there are also other other causes; what works for one won’t work for all. “You should get a diagnosis of the type of hair loss, as there are different paths and treatment options for each type,” says Dillon. If it’s disappearing in large areas, rather than at the temples or crown, then it could be a result of stress or a symptom of something more serious. The good news is that, in those cases, hair loss often isn’t permanent – if you sort the underlying issue, your hair could well grow back.

Tackle the root of the problem

Think of the signs of hair thinning as the three Ds – derma (an unhealthy scalp), density (the number of hair strands) and diameter (the thickness of hair strands). A dirty scalp leads to blocked hair follicles, which means new hair can’t push through. This will make your hair look thinner. Density is self-explanatory – fewer strands means your barnet looks sparser. Diameter – if your hair is low in keratin (which can be affected by diet, stress and other environmental factors) it’ll become finer. Fine hair can look thin and flat. 

Need help? Nioxin’s 3D range delivers personalised, tailored solutions for all of the above, including shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products to give you thicker looking strands. 

Improve your rations

You are what you eat, and that goes doubly for your hair. “It’s a living thing and, like the rest of you, it needs the food and care to be at its best,” says Dillon. “Hair is an alpha protein, so it needs sufficient amounts of protein, iron, zinc and B12 to keep it healthy.” We’re sure you’re au fait with sources of the former, but serving your chicken breast alongside beans and lentils, seafood and eggs will help you tick off the rest of your lustrous locks nutrition list.

You should also try to keep things consistent. If you’re the kind of guy who’s always on a bulk or cut, it’s not just your belly that will get thinner. “Thin hair is often seen in yo-yo dieters and models,” says Dillon. A more measured approach will help you stick to your weight loss, too.

Scrub up

Don’t let your hair loss prevention get stuck in the muck. If you don’t create a good environment for growth then you’re hamstringing any prevention strategy. Instead of whatever shampoo was in the bargain bin, look for products engineered to remove the gunk that clogs your follicles. Nioxin’s 3D Care System kits each combine a cleansing shampoo to clear away any nasties and a conditioner and scalp treatment to strengthen and thicken the hair shaft, making your barnet look thick and healthy. Use the Nioxin salon finder to find your nearest stockist. 

Use camouflage

If you’re affected by male pattern baldness, then no product can bring back what’s gone. But there are simpler ways to make less look like more. “Your haircut and style can make all the difference to someone that is conscious of their thinning hair,” says Dillon. But be aware that this does not include the combover.

Depending on where you’re thinning from, any decent barber will be able to craft a style that accentuates what you’ve got and hides what you haven’t. So be honest with them and explain the areas of concern and what you’d like to achieve. “Certain dry products, such as dusts, can also give more volume,” says Dillon. “This can often be a gamechanger. And once you’re happy with the volume of your hair, you can experiment with hairstyles.”

For fuller, thicker hair, try Nioxin’s 3D Care System range and take the 30-day challenge to achieve a #fullerhairfullerlife. Visit the Nioxin website for more information or to find your local salon

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