7 Skincare Mistakes That Can Give You Acne

by beauty journalist

Some surprising factors like brushing your teeth and washing your face at the same time can increase your risk for acne. You may feel like you’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing for your skin, but the breakouts still won’t clear up. As it turns out, there’s likely an underlying reason for that.

While it’s important to protect your skin against the sun, certain types of sunscreen can contribute to the development of acne. Some sunscreen formulas use oil-based organic filters that can irritate the skin and cause breakouts. Other sunscreens to avoid are heavy and comedogenic products that can clog pores and give you blemishes and blackheads. The best way to protect your skin is to opt for a daytime moisturizer that contains a broad-spectrum SPF and always apply it to clean skin.

Cleaning your skin is an essential step in fighting and preventing acne, but over-washing can do exactly the opposite. Dermatologists believe that cleaning the skin too much may upset the balance. Using too many products designed to help dry up excess oil may over-dry your skin and cause your oil glands to produce more oil and more acne breakouts.

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