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If you loved the brand’s Unicorn Essence, then you’ll flip
for this highlighter, a pretty, shimmery, champagne color that you won’t be able
to keep your hands off of. Although it goes on like a gel and dries down to a
powder, it’s the innovative “bouncy” texture—plus the lit-from-within glow it
creates—that makes it addicting.

The jelly texture lets you really hone in on
getting that perfect look. With real chunks of glitter, use this makeup
anywhere on your face where you want a little extra sparkle.

Playing the part of an anti-aging serum, moisturizer, primer
and mask all in one, this versatile beauty product starts off with a jelly texture
and transforms into a liquid once it makes contact with skin. We love the fact
that you can eliminate so many steps from your beauty routine with this one

In a beauty filled world obsessed with unicorns, glitter and pastel-colored hair, it makes perfect sense for the product texture of the moment to be jelly. Soft, squishy and reminiscent of Jell-O and/or pudding to some degree, jelly products are all the rage right now. Available in everything from hair products to makeup and in between, here are 10 of our favorite that are worth every penny.



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