Colorbar Nail Polish Remover Review

I don’t keep changing between a lot of nail polishes. When one is worn, I leave it until it gets badly chipped and looks dirty. This is due to the lack of interest in my short stout nails. No matter how much ever I try, my nails do not look attractive. So, I have lost interest in beautifying my nails.

I only moisturize my hands and nails because of my dry nature. The shape and structure I believe cannot be changed. So, any nail polish or nail polish remover never gets empty for years. I usually end up throwing them away when I feel they are nearing expiry of their life. In spite of this, like every other girl I have a nail polish remover. 🙂

Price & Quantity : Rs. 50 for 30 ml

My Experience with the product:

Packaging: Nail polish removers usually come in glass bottle; so is this one. It comes in a square type of glass bottle. The bottle is transparent. The bottle has a plastic stopper which is closed by a plastic screw cap.

Colour, Consistency & Fragrance: The remover seems blue in color. And is like water in its consistency. But it evaporates in a fraction of a second. That is how the removers behave I feel. It smells like spirit, the typical medicinal antiseptic smell.

How it works: Dabbing a small amount of nail polish remover on a piece of cotton is sufficient to remove the nail polish from all the 10 finger nails. Of course for toe nails you will need a different cotton piece and another dab of the product. A slight rub of the cotton piece against the nail surface removes all the color.

It leaves squeaky clean nails. After cleaning my already dry nails do not have that original shine and health on it. So, I avoid wearing nail polish any sooner after I use remover on my nails. They need to breathe for sometime freely.

This nail polish remover makes the skin around the nails a little dry. So, I apply moisturizer immediately after I use this remover.


• Removes nail polish from the nail efficiently.
• A single rubbing will leave the nail clean.
• Dabbing of little remover is enough for cleaning the nails.
• On bottle will come a very long way.


• Smell is not really good. It is like spirit.
• Evaporates very soon.
• Turns my skin around the nail a little dry.
• Not a worth product for people with dry skin.

Rating: 3/5

My Recommendation:

May be or may not be. If you have already adjusted yourself to any of the other nail polish remover, then you need not shift to this remover. Continue with your current nail polish remover. There is nothing special about this remover to be shifted to this product.

Would I Repurchase?:

Not really. I will buy Maybelline Nail Polish Remover next time!

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