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The use of the term “microcurrent facials” usually spikes around
red-carpet season, as celebrities flock to their favorite aestheticians and
dermatologists to get their complexions firm and glowing quickly with help from energy and light therapy. But an at-home facial device is making the popular treatment possible for less than $100 (it
delivers the same thermal energy below your skin’s
surface, just at a lower frequency, to promote blood flow and oxygen renewal) and it’s selling out fast. 

Enter the ($90), which also happens to be Walmart’s
best-selling anti-aging skin care device of 2017, according to Self.com.

You may have caught an infomercial for the device on your TV
in the past or seen an ad for it on your phone, but it seems to be
getting more attention now than ever before. The handheld wand promises to
deliver less-noticeable wrinkles, diminished pore size and reduced laugh lines
(to name a few) with two daily uses and zero trips to a professional. It
sounds too good to be true, we know, but here’s what we know after hours of digging through countless online forums.

It works for most.
“I’m the happiest, youngest-looking 50-year-old
in the universe,” one user wrote, adding that “being in control of my face like this is a very
amazing thing.” However, like any product, there have also been users who claim the product does not work for them and has not delivered any results.

It’s not a permanent
“My lines came back once I stopped using it,” was a common
thread among forums and message boards, as was, “but once I started up again,
they faded.” The key is making for the treatment each day. (One user suggested using
it while watching television.)

Results are different
for everyone.
Some alleged it took months to see the first signs of
results; others said noticeable differences—think firmer skin, tighter jawlines and less saggy eyelids—were apparent after an hour.

It’s intended to be
used daily.
For your best results, use it every day. “Twice a day and at
least for 10 minutes a session,” a veteran user explains, though others have said
they use their devices for around 30–45 minutes with moderate-to-heavy

The results are extraordinary.
When used consistently, the DermaWand can deliver some
seriously impressive results. Case in point: these two standout examples below.

If you’ve tried the device and loved the results, tag us on social media; we’d love to see them! 

Results pictured after 90 days of use.

Results pictured after 12 weeks.

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