Dublin woman aged 103 recovers from Covid-19 and looks for her lipstick

by beauty journalist

A 103-year-old woman who tested positive for Covid-19 at a Dublin residential centre has now been given the all clear.

Josephine Silo just swatted away the virus with a nonchalance similar to how she might request her ruby-red lipstick. She likes her lipstick, and to keep her hair black.

As to the coronavirus, she said “it wasn’t too bad. I had a cough, that is all.”

Sr Miriam of the Little Sisters of the Poor in Dublin’s Raheny which runs the Sacred Heart Residence where “Josie” as they like to call her is living, is clearly delighted.

But “she misses her nieces calling round to see her,” Sr Miriam said. That was because of the restrictions imposed on all over 70 year olds.

There was of course the added detail that she had tested positive for Covid-19.

So she was isolated at the nursing home for two weeks, but “got the all-clear a week ago”.

Ms Silo, who is a southside Dubliner, has been at the Sacred Heart Residence for a year. “Her father was Italian,” said Sr Miriam.

“She never goes anywhere without her lipstick. It is a deep red. When we were preparing her care plan after she got the all-clear; she said ‘hold on till I get my lipstick’. And she likes to have her hair dyed jet black,” said Sr Miriam, clearly approving.

Yes, there can be no doubt that the 103 year old invincible Ms Silo’s conquest of a virus that has laid low so many worldwide, delights not just the staff and fellow residents at the Raheny nursing home. All hail Ms Josie.

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