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I’ve been working hard on decreasing the amount of plastic I use in my household, and the next step is body products. I’ve always loved Tropic Skincare and they have so many initiatives to help reduce the amount of plastic we use, and ways to protect the environment, however, here is everything you need to know about their cleansing pebble, are they worth it, and how do they work?

Tropic Skincare Sweet Bellini And Original Cleansing Body Pebble

As soon as I opened the box, I could smell these amazing pebbles. I haven’t used a solid cleanser in a while, but there is something different compared to other solid cleansers I’ve used. The thing that I love the most is the way that it instantly lathers up on the skin and leaves your skin feeling amazing.

The other difference, is the fact that it exfoliates with ease, and it is a gentle exfoliation with the oats that are throughout. I have sensitive skin and I also struggle with mild keratosis pilaris which makes my skin on the tops of my arms rough and bumpy, however, since using this product, it has honestly worked wonders on the tops of my arms.

I was always worry when it comes to using anything that exfoliates the skin that it will dry my skin out, but with this product, not only does my skin feel soft, it feels nourished and I’ve never felt cleaner than when I’m using this pebble.

I have also used the pebble to wash my hair with and honestly, I was so surprised that it worked wonders on my hair. I have previously talked about Tropic’s hair products (review here) and I love that it is an amazing way of cutting down the amount of waste I use. I love that the oats exfoliate my scalp and also leave my hair feeling incredible, without making my hair feel greasy. I’ve also noticed a difference with how frizzy my hair looks, it looks so different and tamed.

The original cleansing body pebble is also very similar, however, it doesn’t have a very strong scent like the sweet bellini pebble. It does have a fragrance, but it is very faint, so if you are looking for a pebble that doesn’t have a strong fragrance, then I would definitely say you should lean towards the original one, rather than the sweet bellini.

This product is so easy to use, a little of the product goes such a long way due to the way that it lathers on the skin and genuinely leaves your body feeling so clean. For £8 which might sound a lot for a solid cleanser, it is multi purpose, which I think is an added bonus of the price tag.

This is slowly becoming my go to cleanser, and I love the way that it works on my skin. In my book it is a 10/10 product, which everyone will enjoy.

Have you tried the cleansing pebble? Is it something you would enjoy? Let me know in the comments & check out the Tropic Skincare website for more info.

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