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Packed with peptides, proteins and amino acids, this safe-for-sensitive-skin
moisturizer cares about making your skin look younger, plumper and dewy just as
much as you do. Plus, any product that keeps our fingers from double-dipping (a surefire way to spread bacteria you may not think of) gets
bonus points. 

One of the main reasons our skin begins to age is a decline
in our cells’ metabolism. “Vinergy,” a new patented complex by the brand and
Harvard Medical School, aims to boost levels and is at the heart of this
gel-to-water serum (it melts on contact) to keep skin looking young and firm. 

Completely clear, protective against visible light and blue
light (think: computer and phone screens) and made to anchor onto your makeup
as it controls shine, this do-it-all, scentless tube changes everything we
thought we knew about sunscreen. Apply it as the last step in your skin care
routine and prepare to purchase ten more once you run out; there’s really
nothing like it. 

This lazy girl–approved treatment (it’s as simple as spraying
it on and leaving it there; you can apply it to a cotton pad, first, too) will
give you glowing skin even when you’re too tired to go through your skin care
regimen. Scoring more radiance and less fine lines just got so much easier.

This chic bottle has its mind set on one thing: firmer skin.
Polyphenols extracted from white, green and rooibos teas combat slack skin by delivering
an uptick in collagen production for better elasticity and tighter skin with
each silky-smooth, fresh-scented drop. 

Small but mighty, the tiniest drop of this cooling hyaluronic
acid– and caffeine–infused gel is all you need for brighter, suppler, line-free
eyes. (It also includes Japanese Green Caviar to boost hydration and improve
the look of dark circles.)

Lactic acid, willow bark extract and azelaic acid gently exfoliate
skin in this daily resurfacing toner (apply it with a cotton pad after
cleansing) to keep skin from ever losing its youthful glow. 

Place these cooling under-eye masks onto puffy, dark-circle
ridden under-eyes and remove them 20 minutes later. What you’ll notice: a softer,
brighter, less wrinkled area thanks to powerhouse ingredients like caviar
extract, hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed collagen (to name a few). 

StriVectin’s latest launch is being touted as its most
potent, fastest-acting and most impressive, promising a noticeable difference
in even your most stubborn wrinkles in just seven days. “BioRecode Technology” targets
wrinkles differently than similar options on the market and improves their appearance—fast. 

Gentle AHAs slough away dullness as customized peptides
rebuild lost collagen and elastin for a firmer, more sculpted jawline and cheek
area in this lightweight, serum that never feels greasy. 

If the name wasn’t enough to sell you, consider what’s
inside: kangaroo flower extract (a new botanical discovery praised for its
regenerative power) to minimizing lines and wrinkles, organic desert date
extract to target dark spots, shea oil to hydrate and plump and moonstone
extract to visibly firm for younger-looking skin by morning without sabotaging
a sensitive complexion. 

It won’t literally
fill your lines, but instantly blurring them with white rose cells and 24-karat
gold technology (as polymers, peptides and bioactive extracts fight them
beneath the surface) is the next best thing, right? 

Peptides stimulate microcirculation in this botanical-based,
nongreasy eye cream (you can apply makeup right on top) that tackles all signs
of aging like lines, puffiness and dark circles. The best part: You’ll begin to notice major
results in a matter of a few weeks. 

By Danielle Fontana , Assistant Editor |

If one of your new year’s resolutions was to take better care of your skin, you’re in luck. The latest crop of products designed to turn back the clock on your skin is here, and it’s better than ever. 



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