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CLAREMONT — A one-legged man high on bath salts and Subutex threatened to kill two police officers who responded to a parking complaint, according to court records.

Elroy M. Truell Jr., 54, of Claremont, is charged with two felony counts of threatening a police officer and one felony count of being a felon in possession of a deadly weapon.

Truell was indicted this week by the grand jury convened in Sullivan Superior Court for the incident that reportedly took place on March 4, according to court records.

Truell was in his truck parked in the fire lane in front of the Market Basket on Washington Street when Claremont Police Officer Cameron Blewitt arrived to deal with complaints about a parked car blocking shoppers getting in and out of the store, Blewitt wrote in his report.

Truell appeared to be intoxicated in the truck when Blewitt approached, and “nodded off” when the officer tried to get his attention, according to the report.

Truell woke up when Blewitt went to the passenger-side door and opened it so he could talk. That’s when Truell allegedly started making threats if the driver’s side door was opened.

“(I’ll) touch this knife to your throat,” Truell reportedly told Blewitt.

Sgt. Stanley Andrewski arrived to assist and Truell allegedly threatened to shoot him with a .45-caliber pistol.

In court records, Blewitt reports not being able to see both of Truell’s hands during this conversation. Acting in concert, Andrewski grabbed one of Truell’s arms and Blewitt handcuffed him, according to the report.

Police then learned that Truell had a leg missing, Blewitt said. They also found a 12-inch knife and a 7-inch knife in the truck. Truell told officers he used the knives to butcher animals for people.

Handcuffed, Truell threatened to head-butt Andrewski and he told the officer he would find him and kill him once he gets released, according to the report.

Police got Truell’s wheelchair out of the back of his truck and took him into custody.

Truell reportedly told police that he had used bath salts and the painkiller Subutex earlier in the day, according to Blewitt’s report.

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