Skin Treatment in Cochin, Skin Care Clinic in Bangalore

If you want your skin colour Improvement, remove your wrinkles, peels on face or body then Visit at Cutis International for best skin Care Treatment.rn

These are preparabons made from both natural and synthetic substances used for gently exfoliating topmost layers of skin. The process effectively eliminates dead and damaged cells as a result of seen damage, soften creases and eliminates pigmentation.They also treat skin damages due to pollution ,dark circles and modern acne. They are highly safe,medically approved and time tested process.Peels are several types namely yellow peel,Sali glycol peel,Lactic peel,Argipeel,Glycolic peel,Pumpkin peel,peel booster etc.

Facial skin is an important element of our looks and a glowing blemish free skin with fair complexion is a common desire of everyone. With growing age,skin becomes thick,loosing its charm and thus starts the process where the skin tends to give a dull appearance.Skin color improvement is a corner stone of cutis cosmetic clinic.Here a proper analysis is done to identify whether the skin has been tanned, normal or subject to pigmentation including solution for spider veins,uneven skin tone,age spots,sagging eyes,wrinkles etc.The treatment is highly safe and individuals with skin types and colors can effortlessly avail them. Cutis clinic employs a blend of advanced treatments,peels,technology like laser dermabrasion etc. Results can be clearly seen from the first session itself and more sessions can be planned based on your requirements and progress.

Pigmentation simply means color on face, hands, neck etc. Skin pigmentation problem affect the color of your skin. The color of skin depends on a substance called Melanin, which becomes affected when the skin is unhealthy or becomes damaged.Pigmentation is usually seen in the form of patches while the whole body gets affected in rare cases. The darker the skin more is the melanin pigment present in your skin.

Acne is a form of skin condition resulting in the formation of pimples and includes blackheads, white heads and inflamed skin patches.Our skin has small pores (holes) that are connected to oil (sebum) glands under the surface of the skin and the sebum is responsible for the production of any oil substance and also carries dead cells from follicles to skin surface. When such follicles are blocked, it results in pimples.The sebum, hair and skin cells for something called plug, which when infected with bacteria gives rise to pimples. If the topmost layer of the plug is white, then it is termed as whitehead and if it is dark, then it is called as a blackhead.Some pimples are clearly visible in skin surface with a red base and puss in the top layer, these are called wet acne or pustules.Dry acne contains no puss. Cysts are those visible on skin surface, are painful, and filled with puss. These usually cause scars on the skin.

Pregnancy and motherhood is always considered as a blessing for a woman, but sometimes this leaves scars during pregnancy itself and even after childbirth. The mere appearance of these marks is like an eyesore from cosmetic point of view.Stretch marks are a form of scarring on the skin that ours due to the tearing of dermis layer of skin. This may demolish over time but doesn’t disappear completely. These occur during rapid stretching of the skin followed by rapid changes in weight or quick growth. They are caused by pregnancy, hormonal changes during puberty and even heredity.Stretch marks are more likely seen in places where more fat are stored like breasts, upper arms, back, thighs, underarms, hips and buttocks. These are seen in mostly women.Accident marks are seen in people who have met with accidents on road and are also caused due to fire, scratches, accidental slip, falling, bruises etc.




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