Tried & True Winter Skin Care Tips For Runners

These past few weeks I’ve seen many of my fellow crazy insane  dedicated and devoted running friends braving the elements to get their runs completed outside. I am with you sisters! We winter running ninjas spend a lot of time talking about apparel and layering up for runs but often overlook a very important aspect: Skin Care. Winter Running can wreak havoc on your skin if you are not prepared. I am no doctor,  of course,  but I am sharing my Tried & True Winter Skin Care Tips For Runners.

Tried and True Skin Care Tips For Winter Runners

Tried & True Winter Skin Care Tips For Runners


Sleeping with a humidifier nearby does wonders for your dry winter skin. Yes they can get kind of gross after a while and do require upkeep but it is so worth it.

Minimize & Moisturize

The first thing that I want to do after a long, chilly run is escape to long, hot shower. I know that this indulgence is actually making my skin more dry. Minimizing the shower time in the winter and staying away from unneeded body washes does help to keep your skin from drying out as much.

Post shower,  choose a thicker cream to moisturize your face and body with in the winter time versus a lotion. Your skin needs the thicker coating and protection in the winter time that a cream offers. Save the thinner lotions for summer time. Don’t forget to give your eyes some love each night with a thicker eye cream.

Protection During Winter Runs

Even though your face may be covered partially by a scarf, hat or balaclava, it is still important to protect your skin from the elements. I have been scolded by my Dermatologist many time about skimping on the sunscreen in the winter time. On very cold or windy days, I love to put a light coat of Aquaphor on my face before heading out. It really creates a nice barrier from the wind.


Many winter runners (myself included) skimp on the hydration during winter runs. Since your sweat may evaporate faster due to drier air, it’s even more important to pay attention to your hydration and water intake.

Foot Care

I am not sure that runners’ feet are ever pretty, but there are a few “steps” you can take to give them some extra love. I am a huge fan of putting on Aquaphor then big fluffy socks right before bed. The Aquaphor really moisturizes while you sleep and you will wake up with much softer feet. Of course I am also a fan of monthly pedicures (in a salon or do it yourself)

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Have any Tried and True Winter Running Tips for me? 

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