Watercolor Perfume Bottle


I painted this Watercolor Perfume Bottle quite a while ago and never shared it. As I was editing the photos I had some questions. Are you a big time perfume person? Do you have a ‘signature’ scent or maybe a few? Or do you just buy whatever smells good at any given time?

I’m none of those, I hate to admit.

Okay, I was once, way back before Marlon and the boys moved in. I had no idea I’d go from Lancome to Maybelline and Ralph Lauren to dollar store perfumes lol.

Certainly not Gucci!

Self-care was lost by the wayside for a lot of years, I’m afraid. Then, right when I was beginning to become my Self again – not just a mom or wife – Hubs died. Then my brother, then Mom. Then, again, I lost myself to depression and grief.

If you’ve ever suffered with depression you know that your appearance is one of the last things you care about.

Now, I’m happy to say, I’m happy again. I know! Can you believe it?

And when you’re happy, you DO care about how you look . . . and smell.

Oh, I can’t say I’m back to Lancome cosmetics and Lauren perfume but I am doing better. Much, much better.

It only took nearly 3 years, 2 doctors, 1 therapist and a bunch of different meds. I’ve been stable for a few months now with a short wave of depression hitting only once a week or so. Such progress!

So what are your favorite fragrances? Do they come in a beautiful bottle because I need to paint 3 or 4 more watercolor perfume bottles to make a collection.

And, as always, if you’re suffering with depression, please PLEASE reach out to someone. Even me.


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