Young Living Skin Care Review With Demos

When I first started using the Young Living skin care products, I was doing it wrong. I was seeing results, but not AMAZING results like I expected. I was wasting product, which meant I was wasting money.  After doing some research, this is the routine I’m doing and seeing great results.

How to Use the Young Living Skin Care Products

This is my routine. You can, of course, adjust this to fit your lifestyle and your skin needs. Check out the video below to see demos. And be sure to keep reading to find out how to get a discount on these products.

The Young Living skin care products are good for most skin types. I have talked to lots of people that use these products, with lots of different skin types, with lots of great results. The products are pH balanced for our skin. They all have essential oils that promote healthy skin.

My Routine:

  • Sat / Sun Mornings
    1. I wash with the orange blossom face wash, and use the serum and light moisturizer as described above. I do not use a deep moisturizer or exfoliate.

Watch This Video

How To Order

You can purchase the products here. You have a couple options:

Since purchasing my premium starter kit and using these personal care products, I have thrown away all of those toxic products that were collecting dust in my bathroom and that didn’t work. I love that I can use something that not only works, but is also safe, nontoxic, and without any crazy warnings on the label (we’ve all seen the warnings on skin care products that say “call poison control if….”).

I don’t know everything about these products. All I know is that they work!

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